Can I Still Buy With No Money Down?

So I've been asked quite a bit lately if people can still buy a house with no money down. Granted it's a little more difficult now than it was in 2019 because there was a lot of programs then, but we do have a lendor that we work with every day right here in Titusville that actually still has bond money, so you have to qualify for the bond money.  So what does that do for you? Well, it's pretty simple.  What it does for you is it allows you to have around $75,000 to pay for your down payment.  Down payments are typically three to five percent of the cost of the house.  Then on top of that, we would have to get the seller to agree to pay some of the prepaids and closing costs.  Remember we've talked about other videos that prepays and closing costs are those things you have to pay up front, so it could be lendor fees, it could be homeowner's insurance, it could be your survey, there's lots of things you pay for upfront.  Then you consider that prepaids are closing costs.  So that is what we would help get the seller to pay for us.  

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