Realtor Payment

So, it might be a little bit of a mystery to you, but I've been asked "How do you get paid?"  "How does a realtor get paid?"  That's a great question, because it might just be a tad bit confusing.  So it changes state to state, but in the state of Florida, typically, the seller pays the realtor fees.  So typically realtor fees can range anywhere from 2 1/2% to 5% per realtor per side.  So every side typically has two realtors.  At the closing table after the whole transaction's done, after I've showed you 100 houses, we listed your house, then the title company will cut a check to the owner who sells the house, and everyone gets paid.  Although, when a realtor DOES get paid, it doesn't belong to them, it actually belongs to their broker.  That money goes back to the brokerage, and the broker takes some of it, the U.S. government takes some of it, and then the realtor is left.

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