Cameras, Cameras, Cameras!

     Hey!  Edna Wilson here, your hometown realtor, as hometown as apple pie! Cameras, cameras, cameras!  I just listed a house that had 16 cameras in it, listen to this story, so literally the seller watched everything that was happening inside of his house, he was watching people come and go, and he actually saw this kid jump on the master bed, which shouldn't have happened, but the parents stopped it right away, he called me and threatened to go and kick the people out, I'm telling you every time you go to a house, you can assume that in 2022, there are cameras and they are listening and watching everything you do while you walk that house.  Now to be honest, these buyers did not know that they could be heard, so they literally pulled into a bedroom away from their agent and said to each other "I don't care what it costs, we want this house.  We'll pay anything for this place."  Well dang it the seller didn't see that, so that's right, the negotiating power is all out the window.  Be very careful when you're walking houses, just always assume that you're being listened to.

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