Buyer Incentives

Buyer Incentives, what the heck is a buyer incentive? Isn't getting the house incentive enough? Well sometimes yes, mostly where we see that terminology especially in a market like today, because today we're living in a seller's market, is you see that sometimes with your builder, they'll do a buyer incentive.  Especially big builders, let's take DR Horton for example. Huge around the nation! They'll have buyer incentives.  What that looks like is they're going to pay some of your closing costs or your prepaid.  So for example right now DR Horton I believe last time I checked into had about $5,000 buyer insentives, so basically at closing they're going to give you $5,000 in credit towards your closing cost so that's less money out of your pocket.  Sometimes there's buyer incentives where you have to put less down, sometimes they come with a cleaning service for a year, it doesn't really matter, just always make sure you ask the question "What is the buyer incentive?" or "Is there one?"

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