Building Relationships in Real Estate

     I have a story for you, I know you love my story times (Well, I hope you do at least).  Let me tell you about a customer that I met that- it was the darndest thing.  So I'm showing a house to another customer, and I was right here on Winchester just down the street, Cathedral Pines, and these people drove by and they stopped their car, and they waved and I waved and I was like "Who are these people?"  but come to find out they were just driving through neighborhoods and I had my real estate sticker on my car and so they said "Hey we're interested in seeing this house."  So I showed it to them right away which I often do, and it was crazy because we just connected.  Well they ended up buying a house right away, but their mom was moving, so I sold their mom a house, but there was a hurricane that year, so I helped take care of mom because they were back in Tennessee, well then the following year we found them such a great little house.  Then this week they called me, their mom had passed away, so I had the opprotunity to sell the house.  When you connect with people through real estate, you just become friends and part of their life, and I got to help them through yet another hard part of their life, and it just touches my heart.  It shouldn't be about the transaction, it should be about the people.

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