Always Trust your Gut

Hello, Edna Wilson, your hometown realtor as hometown as apple pie here! In today's blog, I will be talking about why you should trust your gut and a past experience I had that I wish I had trusted my gut on. If you liked this content, be sure to check out my other blogs!

I wanted to share one of my failures with you today. I took a listing and I thought this is going to be a great listing but in my gut I knew it wasn’t going to go well. I just knew from the things the gentleman was saying, it wasn’t going to go well, I did not listen to my gut which is a bad business decision. I listened to my pocketbook and I thought “oh this is a great listing I should take it”

The truth is at the end of the day the whole thing fell apart and I lost a whole bunch of money. So I think my inspiration for you today is to just remind you to trust your gut always and don’t necessarily always jump for money, but trust yourself that there’s always something bigger and better. The problem is when you take a deal that you know is going to be just really time consuming and really bad, it pulls you off deals that are ready to serve or to be served to people who really need your help. Instead im out there spinning my wheels on a listing I’m never going to sell because the seller is just being too unrealistic. He only wanted full price cash offer, closed in 2 weeks, and that’s just not happening in a luxury market. It was a luxury home.

You know I really messed up and I should’ve listened to my gut and just walked away and just wished him the best, but I didn’t, so my inspiration for you today is to think about where you are saying your yesses and your no’s because sometimes the best no could open doors to lots of yesses.

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