7 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Seven tips for selling YOUR home during the holiday season.  Listing your house during the holidays is a great time to do so, but number one, the thing you have to do is you have to stage the home, you need to stage it for the holidays, put up a Christmas tree, put up the decorations. bake the cookies, you need to make it feel like Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever holiday you're around, because people connect emotionally with houses and they feel like this is a feeling of family, they're going to connect with your house- and by the way, I know that a buyer is all the way in when they start looking for where they're going to put the Christmas tree, so help them out, show them where they put the Christmas tree.  Number two, price your home to sell, in this market you cannot be greedy, you got a price to sell, get it right the first time right out the gates.  Three, make curb appeal your top priority, I'm talking inflatables, don't go crazy with it, but get out the snowman, get out your reindeer, make it beautiful and attractive right from the road.  Now number four, keep your property safe for the home buyers, don't go overboard on your decorations, right?  If it's Halloween time, don't put overly crazy decorations with spider webs that little kids might pull and get caught in, or at Christmas make sure that you understand that there's going to be little kids probably looking through the house and you don't want things broken, so make sure it is safe for everyone!  Five, turn on all the Holiday lights, why not?  That's super fun and it makes your home look more attractive for the season!  Six, take professional Real Estate photos, they really make all the difference, we want to make sure that people are looking at your house in a professional light long before they see it in person, and number seven, think about looking at your house the way Santa does from his sleigh, make sure you get aerial photos looking down a the property so that it's an amazing view of the yard and how it's all laid out and even. Well- there's my seven tips for how to sell your house during the Holiday season, Edna Wilson, your Hometown Realtor, as Hometown as Apple pie.

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