5 Things I Love About Titusville

5 Things I love about Titusville!  Let me tell you, we have such crazy things here.  Over the next year, I will be sharing some of my favorite things, but right now I thought I should share my top 5 with you today.  Number one, black point wildlife refuge.  Always my favorite, me and my kids always used to go out and look for alligators and other wildlife that lives there!  My second favorite thing in town is probably Dogs 'R' Us, I love supporting local restarants, and the first weekend of every month, they have a roll-in of all of these amazing cars.  Another thing I love about Titusville is the Fox Lake craft shows! All these local artists come in and you can buy from them and appreciate their work and it just makes me want to spend too much money, I love it.  Another thing I love is the downtown street parties held here, tons of venders come in and share their crafts, talents, and food, and it's just a wonderful time.   Number 5 on my list is definitely the Titusville Playhouse, if you haven't gone to the Titusville Playhouse, you are missing out, I have no idea where they find all this talent from but let me tell you, you have got to get tickets to a show this year., and that concludes only 5 of the many things I love about Titusville.

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