10 Tips for the Perfect Open House

      Hey so you've heard all the buzz around open houses, and what creates a great open house? Here is 10 tips to help you and your agent have the perfect open house.
      So here at Celebrate Real Estate we do things call Mega open houses which is a whole other level of open houses.  There are 10 basics that you have to do no matter what type of open house you are doing.
1.) Always make sure your lights are on.
2.) Always make sure your blinds are open.
3.) Make sure there's a good smell in your house.
4.) Turn A/C way down. (68-70 degrees F)
5.) Advertise.
6.) Print out at least 30 signs.
7.) Make sure to smile.
8.) Make sure everyone signs in (For security).
9.) Keep pets out & Leave the property.
10.) Make sure to have fun with it.
By the way, your neighbors are the best word of mouth!

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